Sunday Worship

Early Worship @ 8:30 –In this gathering, we strive to be theologically rich, stylistically diverse, and singularly focused on the glory of God.  This gathering typically employs a little more variation of worship elements and order, while remaining fully committed to and guided by the Word of God.  During this more relaxed gathering, Worship Care for children ages 5 and under is available.

Worship @ 10:45 –In this gathering, we consistently utilize choirs and orchestra, building the music around the rich tradition of hymnody.  During this worship hour, every element of worship is carefully chosen and incorporated to communicate the biblical truths present in that day’s sermon.  Worship Care for children ages 5 and under is available during this time, as well as Tree House (our children’s worship gathering) for Kindergarten-3rd graders during the latter portion of this gathering.